DeviceMate is a comprehensive family of IoT devices providing solutions to monitoring challenges across many industries.


We provide solutions that reduce manpower overheads, improve efficiency and monitoring accuracy


We bring 20 years’ experience of application development connecting devices to the internet


Our solutions are fully supported and delivered as-a-service
DeviceMate Story
The DeviceMate IoT platform is designed to seamlessly integrate disparate devices. We specialise in tailored end-to-end solutions that make IoT products easy to use and take to market. We give you both the platform for connecting your devices together, plus an analytics dashboard for managing the data. This means you can transform everyday processes, optimise business models, and enhance customer experiences.

How DeviceMate can help

Simple installation

Our IoT solutions install in minutes

Ensure accurate monitoring

Eliminates the possibility of human error in recording

Save time & staff resources

Eliminate time consuming manual processes with automated real-time solutions

Analysis & reporting

Automated online reporting will save time and provide input for applications required for industry compliance

Live alerts & notifications

DeviceMate IoT solutions can provide alerts online and via SMS, email and phone ensuring that important events are not missed
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Enabling performance and diagnostics to be monitored in real-time
  • Trends can be monitored to facilitate preemptive maintenance
  • Events can also be escalated to ensure that they are resolved according to urgency
  • This allows for corrective actions that can help avoid lengthy downtime and greatly reduce site visits

Reduce Operational Costs

Identify and fix issues remotely, first time.

Build New Revenue

Offer additional services to your customers.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Respond quickly and pre-empt potential issues.

Remote Management

Manage devices remotely

Notification & Device Alerts

Alert notifications help identify issues quickly.